Listening for Silence by Mark Slouka

“My ambivalence toward silence is natural enough: the grave, the scythe, the frozen clock, all the piled symbols of death, reinforce an essential truth, a primal fear: beneath the sloping hood, death is voiceless”(p.42)

“…all symphonies end in silence”(p.42)

“But if silence is the enemy of art, it is also its motivation and medium: the greatest works not only draw on silence for inspiration but use it, flirt with it, turn it, for a time, against itself” (p.44)

“As we continue to pave the world with sound, we will continue to crave what little silence escapes us,…” (p.46)


Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit-G.W.F. Hegel_Intro pp. 46-57.pdf

“…; and partly because cognition is a faculty of a definite kind and scope, and thus, without a more precise definition of its nature and limits, we might grasp clouds of error instead of the heaven of truth.” (p.47)

“…the fear of falling into error sets up a mistrust of Science, which in the absence of such scruples gets on with the work itself, and actually cognizes something, it is hard to see why we should not turn round and mistrust this very mistrust.”(p.47)

“This contradiction and its removal will become more definite if we call to mind the abstract determinations of truth and knowledge as they occur in consciousness”(p.52)

“The experience of itself which consciousness goes through can, in accordance with its Notion, comprehend nothing less than the entire system of consciousness, or the entire realm of the truth of Spirit” (p.56)

The Fact of Blackness by Frantz Fanon

“Ontology–once it is finally admitted as leaving existence by the wayside–does not permit us to understand the being of the black man” (p.110)

“In the white world the man of color encounters difficulties in the development of his bodily schema” (p.110)

“And already I am being dissected under white eyes, the only real eyes” (p.116)

“Yes, we are–we Negroes–backward, simple, free in our behavior. That is because for us the body is not something opposed to what you call the mind.” (p.127)

Audio Culture by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner

“The mass- media musical mainstream (in the widest sense of the phrase) has hence become something of a nonverbal lingua franca, one common culture repertoire transcending traditional culture, class, and age boundaries.” -p.89

“…daily listening is often more conditioned by the situation in which one meets the music than by the music itself,…” -p.89

” Adequate listening is, like all languages, always the result of an informal (although sometimes formalized) contract between a greater or smaller group of people, an agreement about the relation of the musical means of expression to this group’s picture of the world.” -p.92

“…we must develop our own reflexive consciousness and competence as active “idle listeners.”‘ -p.93

Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 by Karl Marx

“With the increasing value of the world things proceeds indirect proportion the devaluation  of the world of men” -p.71

“Private property is thus the product, the result, the necessary consequence, of alienated  labour, of the external relation of the worker to nature and to himself.” -p.79

“It is obvious that the human eye gratifies itself in a way different from the crude, non-human eye; the human ear  different from the crude ear, etc.” -p.88

Externalize  here is not to be understood as the self-externalizing world of sense open to the light, open to the man endowed with senses.” -p125

Galileo Play by Charles Laughton

“The millennium of faith is ended, said I, this is the millennium of doubt.” -Galileo p.49

“You see nothing, all you do is gawk. Gawking is not seeing.” -Galileo p.49

“… the great light of the sun, created to give light upon me the God might see me— Man, God’s greatest effort, the center creation. ” In the image of God created He him.” -Old Cardinal p.73

“In his blindness man is liable to misread not only the sky but also the Bible.” -Galileo p.79

Camera Quotes

“Starting today we are liberating the camera and making it work in the opposite direction”

“My path leads to a fresh perception of the world. I decipher in a new way a world unknown to you”

“The mechanical eye, the camera, rejecting the human eye as rib sheet, gropes its way through the chaos of visual events, letting itself be drawn or repelled by movement, probing as it goes, the path of its own movement.”

“The sensory exploration of the world through film”

What is Sound?

Sound is a series of noises that come together to make one distinct noise. It is the chirping of the birds, the harmonization of voices to create a song, instruments that play together to form beautiful melodies, it is the laughter that fill the room with positivity and Joy. Sound its the cry of a baby, the rain from the sky, the winds, the crickets at night. The noise that comes from our monitors to entertain with comedy, sadness, fear, pleasure, anger and pain.It the voices in the phone, the blenders in the morning, the screams at two in the morning. Sound is the traffic, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the tea kettle at the end of the day that gives us notice that we are finally able to relax. Sound is all around our life, sound is us and our creations.

The silence of death

” My ambivalence toward silence is natural enough: the grave, the scythe, the frozen clock, all the piled symbols of death, reinforce an essential truth, a primal fear: beneath the sloping hood, death is voiceless”. -Mark Slouka